What is the Weather Like in St. Augustine, FL?

Thinking about planning a vacation to St. Augustine, Florida? Good choice! From the fascinating St. Augustine historic sites to the beautiful beaches, delicious seafood restaurants, and interesting shopping opportunities, it is a great vacation destination for the entire family! There’s truly something for everyone here, making it an ideal getaway spot for a romantic trip or a fun family retreat.

Now that you’ve decided you want to visit the city, you’ll need to decide on your vacation dates. One of the biggest factors that will impact the timing of your stay is the weather. Luckily, we’ve got your complete guide to St. Augustine weather right here! This article will detail everything you should expect depending on when you plan your stay in one of our St. Augustine rentals, so you can make the most informed decision for the best trip for your family!

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The Perfect Vacation Destination

Before we dive into the weather for each specific season, it’s worth noting that there’s simply no bad time to plan a trip to St. Augustine. If you want to experience the excitement of the busy season and the heat of the sunshine in summer, you’re in for an incredible time. Looking to escape the cold of winter with a quick trip down to Florida? You can plan a winter vacation to St. Augustine and have a wonderful experience as well!

The spring and fall times in St. Augustine are equally as beautiful and tend to be a bit less crowded than the summer season, making them perfect times to plan your trip as well. You should never be concerned that the weather in any given season is going to prevent you from having an unforgettable vacation. Again, there’s just no bad time to visit St. Augustine!


Now, we can get into some of the specifics of the weather in St. Augustine, FL, starting with spring. The early days of spring, starting in March, tend to see temperatures around the 60s, while the days leading up to Memorial Day might see temperatures get up into the 80s or above! This is one of the seasons with the most variety as far as weather, but it’s always suitable for a trip to the shores.

Spring also brings a fair bit of rain, particularly in the latter half of the season. At the end of May, the rain chance on any given day is typically around 40%. Still, you shouldn’t need to bring more than a light jacket to keep you safe from the rain. 

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Most people consider visiting St. Augustine in the summer, so it’s easily the busiest season in town. During June, July, and August, daily temperatures can reach into the 90s, and since the low temperatures don’t tend to get below 70, so you can head down to the beach for an early-morning dip or a late-night stroll.

Summer is the wet season in St. Augustine, meaning that rain chances on any given day can get as high as 60% on a consistent basis. Luckily, though, you’re not likely to experience intense thunderstorms or long days of rain. Instead, the rain tends to come in the form of an afternoon shower, serving to cool off the hot mid-day period and bring in much cooler temperatures for the evening.  


After Labor Day, the tourist crowds tend to get smaller, but the fall season is still a great time in St. Augustine weather-wise. For September, October, and November, there tends to be quite a bit of variance in temperature, just like the city experiences in spring. The beginning of the season brings high temperatures in the mid-80s, while by the end of November, things have cooled down and typically only reach around 70 for the high.

Rain chances also tend to fall significantly through the fall season as well. September can see an average rain chance around 40% or 50% on any given day, while that chance falls to around 20% in November. Similarly to spring, you shouldn’t need anything more than a light jacket for the occasional rain shower and the cooler mornings and evenings. 

Beautiful weather in St. Augustine FL


Finally, we come to winter. The period from December to February tends to be a popular time in St. Augustine as travelers from around the country try to escape the bitter cold of winter. High temperatures here in winter can reach into the 70s, and low temperatures are still quite bearable, just dipping into the 50s. You might want some long pants and tennis shoes, but you can definitely leave the heavy coat at home!

The good thing is that winter is the dry season here in St. Augustine, so you won’t have to worry much about rain (and definitely won’t encounter snow!). All throughout the season, it’s uncommon to see a rain chance of more than 20%. 

Where to Stay in St. Augustine?

No matter which season you choose to visit St. Augustine, you’ll need a comfortable place to stay! We are proud to offer a wide range of rentals in the area available at any time of year, including our ever-popular St. Augustine pet-friendly rentals! If you’re still not quite sure when you should come or which property is right for you, feel free to reach out to our friendly staff and we’ll get you started planning your dream vacation!